Push PR Founder named in Top 10 Power List

We’re proud of the innovative leaders who have chosen to make The Arts Building their home. So we were particularly delighted to see that Emma Hart, founder of Push PR has made the Top 10 Power List in PR Week. Here’s why….


Hart began her career as a fashion and beauty journalist before moving into PR. In 2002 she founded Push PR, a London-based full-service agency specialising in luxury fashion, jewellery, beauty, lifestyle and health and fitness. The determined, ambitious and talented Hart has earned a reputation as an innovator in her fields.

Describe the past year and your predictions for the next 12 months

The last year has been constructively challenging for the global communications industry as consumers have become the ‘new media’. The next 12 months will see those committed to consumer engagement, digital innovation, data analysis and robust strategy evolve and grow and the lines between PR and marketing continue to blur.

Your favourite campaign of the past 12 months?

#Solidaritea. When the Daily Mail online launched a scathing attack on ‘slummy mummies’, Birds Eye was quick to rally round, support and develop a film and online campaign centred around its frozen fish fingers. The repsonse was quick and clever, and it really engaged the Birds Eye mum community. Most definitley a ‘wish I’d thought of that’ moment. Genius.

Which person or organisation handled PR most adeptly in the past 12 months?

The one-off Birds Eye campaign stands out as a clever response.

…And which the most poorly?

I think the animal rights protests during London Fashion Week should have been addressed with a comms strategy. The BFC should have spoken out via the media to communicate with the protesters and invite an intelligent dialogue.

How has Brexit affected your organisation to date?

There has been no direct financial correlation as yet, but the perception of London and the UK to our overseas clients and potential business has changed. There is a shift from a strong and leading country within the global market to a vulnerable place that does not know what the future holds.

Which traditional media outlets do you prioritise?

Newspapers and Sunday supplements.

Most important social media outlet?


Where is your most useful live professional networking place?

There is no one single place. Everywhere is important, as you really never know who you are going to meet. I once met a potential client on holiday in Vietnam.

A genie grants you three wishes. What are they?

More time. For people to stop doing PR badly. For clients to invest in online marketing and strategy and realise that you need to put spend behind being visible online.

Read more at PR Week or visit Push PR

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